New podcast episode now available! It's time to Discover, Learn, and Play Charlie Parker's "Billie's Bounce"
May 4, 2021

Special Guest, Dr. Anthony Belfiglio

This JazzPianoSkills Podcast Episode welcomes Dr. Anthony Belfiglio, Belmont University.

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Welcome to JazzPianoSkills; it's time to discover, learn, and play Jazz Piano!

EveryJazzPianoSkills weekly podcast episode introduces aspiring jazz pianists to essential Jazz Piano Skills. Each Podcast episode explores a specific Jazz Piano Skill in depth. Today you will discover, learn, playwith special guestDr. Anthony Belfiglio.

Dr. Anthony Belfiglio is an Associate Professor of Music. He teaches courses in applied commercial piano, commercial keyboard seminars, commercial music analysis, and commercial keyboard pedagogy. He also directs and performs with the Belmont Faculty Jazz Group, an ensemble that he co-founded in 2009.

Dr. Belfiglio’s educational credentials include a Doctor of Musical Arts in Music and Human Learning/Jazz Emphasis from the University of Texas at Austin, a Master of Music in Jazz Performance from the University of Miami, a Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy from Temple University, and a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance from Temple University. His published books include the dissertation Fundamental Rhythmic Characteristics of Improvised Straight-Ahead Jazz(UMI) and his latest book Kenny Kirkland Solo Transcriptions(The System).

As a young musician, Dr. Belfiglio performed at various venues in the Philadelphia area. He also performed for two consecutive years at the Oberlin College Summer Piano Institute. Later, he was selected as composer/performer participant with Betty Carter’s Jazz Ahead, including performances at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Further performances have included concerts with notable jazz artists such as Danny Gottlieb, Duffy Jackson, Brian Bromberg, Gene Perla, Jeff Berlin, Jeff Coffin, Chester Thompson, Tracy Silverman, Dave Douglas, Branford Marsalis, Kenny Garrett, Jason Marsalis, Kevin Mahogany, John Riley, John Fedchock, Steve Turre, John Blake, and Eddie Gomez. He has also performed live on Nashville National Public Radio, on Austin National Public Radio, and WFLN Philadelphia. Presently he leads his own quintet featuring the legendary drummer Danny Gottlieb, leads the Belmont Faculty Jazz Group, and plays with various musicians in the Nashville area. He also presents clinics and performances outside of Nashville, including recent presentations at the Berklee College of Music and the Beijing Academy of Contemporary Music.

Discover: How Dr. Belfiglio approaches the study of Jazz Piano
Learn: How Dr. Belfiglio approaches the study of jazz to continually improve his jazz piano skills
Play:  Jazz Piano using the various approaches that Dr. Belfiglio teaches in the classroom at Belmont University

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Warm Regards,
Dr. Bob Lawrence
President, The Dallas School of Music


Dr. Anthony BelfiglioProfile Photo

Dr. Anthony Belfiglio

Jazz Faculty, Belmont University

Anthony Belfiglio is a world-class pianist, educator, clinician, and composer with a passion for improvisation, enchanting melodies, and rhythmic experimentation. Originally from Philadelphia, Anthony found himself creating his own melodies after just his first piano lesson at the age of five. A solo artist and also the bandleader of a performing quintet, he has released five albums including his most recent solo effort, Songs I Love for People I Love.

An Associate Professor of Music at Belmont University in Nashville, Anthony’s educational credentials include a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of Texas at Austin, a Master of Music in Jazz Performance from the University of Miami, and degrees in classical and jazz piano from Temple University. He is also the keyboardist, composer, and co-founder of the Belmont Faculty Jazz Group in addition to his work as a freelance musician.

Drawing from such genres as jazz, funk, rock, classical, and Latin music and with musical influences as varied as Thelonious Monk, Chick Corea, Pink Floyd, and Miles Davis, Anthony views the piano as being “like a puzzle” with endless possibilities. Describing music as “the only thing [he] ever wanted to do,” Anthony uses his diverse musical interests and background to explore new musical territory and reach and inspire new audiences.