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Thank you so much Dr. Lawrence!

Thank you so much Dr. Lawrence! You are the best teacher of all time! Your positivity and awesome weekly lessons are the gold standard that has enabled me to discover, learn, and play jazz piano. I enjoy learning jazz chords, and now have a tangible set of skills to understand and play chordal harmony, melodic scales, and rhythm! It is a pure delight to learn jazz piano with Dr. Lawrence, and he also plays jazz piano beautifully with great talent and finesse! His jazz piano program is wonderful and is truly value-added. Thank you for this opportunity to learn & to appreciate jazz music!

Amazing jazz piano education!

After taking 10 years of piano lessons (as a kid) and then another couple years at the local conservatory (with my daughter—loads of parental participation), and even a few years of piano lessons from a friend jazz pianist—not to mention combing the internet. Well all that and I didn’t learn as much as my one year of Jazz Piano Skills with Dr. Lawrence. At first, I tried out the podcasts (free) and then tried the monthly so I could check out the illustrations and lead sheets. Didn’t take much more for me to be a quarterly subscriber (and contemplating annual). The materials are clear, useful, and build on concepts—illustrations (for the visual), watching the play, lead sheets, and play alongs. The extent of all the available information (courses, podcasts, access to Dr. Lawrence for questions) exceeded my expectations. I’ll be honest—it isn’t easy work. Dr. Lawrence is about the ‘tough love’ —you got to put in the time both on paper and at the piano. But if you ‘trust the process’ it will pay off. I’m looking forward to finishing the courses and getting further beyond the more basic podcasts so I can start really applying all the fantastic podcasts that Dr. Lawrence rolls out with an unsurpassed frequency. (Really enjoying his guests!) If you want to learn jazz piano—amaze your friends, feed your soul—look no further. Sign up. When I actually figured out on a ‘per lesson’ basis what I am getting from Jazz Piano Skills —it is less expensive than what my wonderful parents paid for my piano lessons—-ahem- more than 30 years ago. Now I have to go Discover, Learn, and Play.

The musical mentor you need

I was nibbling around the edges of jazz with a bunch of disparate and confusing information I found online. Luckily, one of those bits of information was Bob’s podcast. His clear explanations, love of music, love of teaching, and magnetic personality led me to decide that I wanted his guidance on my own jazz journey. I’m so glad I met Bob and get weekly instruction with him. We have a blast, I learn a ton, and I leave every meeting with a clear plan for the week and a dose of inspiration to keep me going. Bob has quickly become a guide and muse and ....dare I say friend....and he will have to retire to get rid of me.

The Jazz Doctor is In

The jazz doctor is in and his name is Dr. Bob. Some days you think you know how to play until your mind is blown by how music all fits together by listening to the brilliant mind of Dr. Bob. Take it from a classical pianist learning how to play jazz. This is the podcast, courses, and masterclass that you always wanted and needed, but could never find in a book or tried to learn in a book. Every week I learn something new and can apply instantly to the piano. Invaluable training for all players and teachers.

exceptional pedagogy

I have tried many Jazz piano training sites and purchased many books. There is not one jazz but many styles. The best way to find your teacher is to listen to them play. Bob is an exceptional pianist, in a jazz bluesy or contemporary style that I really like and he is an extraordinary pedagogue. His explanations are clear, step by step. We are immersed in jazz thanks to its animated podcasts every week. The courses cover the foundations and the podcasts complete the knowledge and cover standards. I highly recommend !

Love it!!

Dr. Lawrence's courses and podcasts are very organized and structured. I love that he lines up everything in order, step by step. I've been expanding my knowledge and skills perform and teach better because of these courses. I appreciate his passion and willingness to help us become a better jazz musician.

The highlight of each week

I thought it was great. Bob makes learning fun. He is such a great teacher and makes me want to soak up more every day! These exercises are so great and practical. I practice every day -- sometimes more than 1 session.

Pure quality

Thanks for your kindness , and for sharing your genius so generously. I am still trying to plug in to the beautiful and sensational world of jazz. God willing through your lessons I will learn to play jazz piano, and master all you teach us