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exceptional pedagogy

I have tried many Jazz piano training sites and purchased many books. There is not one jazz but many styles. The best way to find your teacher is to listen to them play. Bob is an exceptional pianist, in a jazz bluesy or contemporary style that I really like and he is an extraordinary pedagogue. Hi…

Love it!!

Dr. Lawrence's courses and podcasts are very organized and structured. I love that he lines up everything in order, step by step. I've been expanding my knowledge and skills perform and teach better because of these courses. I appreciate his passion and willingness to help us become a better ja…

The highlight of each week

I thought it was great. Bob makes learning fun. He is such a great teacher and makes me want to soak up more every day! These exercises are so great and practical. I practice every day -- sometimes more than 1 session.

Pure quality

Thanks for your kindness , and for sharing your genius so generously. I am still trying to plug in to the beautiful and sensational world of jazz. God willing through your lessons I will learn to play jazz piano, and master all you teach us