Jazz Piano Skills

Amazing jazz piano education!

After taking 10 years of piano lessons (as a kid) and then another couple years at the local conservatory (with my daughter—loads of parental participation), and even a few years of piano lessons from a friend jazz pianist—not to mention combing the internet. Well all that and I didn’t learn as much as my one year of Jazz Piano Skills with Dr. Lawrence. At first, I tried out the podcasts (free) and then tried the monthly so I could check out the illustrations and lead sheets. Didn’t take much more for me to be a quarterly subscriber (and contemplating annual). The materials are clear, useful, and build on concepts—illustrations (for the visual), watching the play, lead sheets, and play alongs. The extent of all the available information (courses, podcasts, access to Dr. Lawrence for questions) exceeded my expectations. I’ll be honest—it isn’t easy work. Dr. Lawrence is about the ‘tough love’ —you got to put in the time both on paper and at the piano. But if you ‘trust the process’ it will pay off. I’m looking forward to finishing the courses and getting further beyond the more basic podcasts so I can start really applying all the fantastic podcasts that Dr. Lawrence rolls out with an unsurpassed frequency. (Really enjoying his guests!)
If you want to learn jazz piano—amaze your friends, feed your soul—look no further. Sign up. When I actually figured out on a ‘per lesson’ basis what I am getting from Jazz Piano Skills —it is less expensive than what my wonderful parents paid for my piano lessons—-ahem- more than 30 years ago. Now I have to go Discover, Learn, and Play.

Sept. 21, 2021 by Janis Naeve on This Website

Jazz Piano Skills