April 6, 2021

Inverted Melodic Major Shapes

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Inverted Melodic Major Shapes
How to construct Inverted Melodic Major Shapes using Arpeggio and Scale Motion
Inverted Melodic Major Shapes using Enclosures to develop Jazz Vocabulary

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Demo 1:
C Major Root Position

Demo 2:
C Major 1st Inversion

Demo 3:
C Major 2nd Inversion

Demo 4:
C Major 3rd Inversion

Demo 5:
Root Target Enclosures

Demo 6:
3rd Target Note Enclosures

Demo 7:
5th Target Note Enclosures

Demo 8:
7th Target Note Enclosures

Demo 9
II-V-I Progression, Arpeggio Motion

Demo 10
II-V-I Progression, Scale Motion

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