Nov. 26, 2019

Chords By Key

This jazz piano lesson will help you discover, learn, and play basic 7th chords arranged by Keys. The five primary sounds of music (Major, Dominant, Minor, Half Diminished, and Diminished) are constructed using the seven modes of a major key.

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  1. Seven Modes of the Key of C Major
    1. C D E F G A B
    2. D E F G A B C
    3. E F G A B C D
    4. F G A B C D E
    5. G A B C D E F
    6. A B C D E F G
    7. B C D E F G A
  2. Chords Constructed from Each Mode
    1. C Major 7th = C E G B
    2. D Minor 7th = D F A C
    3. E Minor 7th = E G B D
    4. F Major 7th = F A C E
    5. G Dominant 7th = G B D F
    6. A Minor 7th = A C E G
    7. B Half Diminished 7th = B D F A

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Dr. Bob Lawrence
President, The Dallas School of Music